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Supporting the Trades

Shannon at Construction trades apprenticeships trade show
Matt Miller of Shannon Construction

As fewer and fewer individuals apply for apprenticeships within the construction trades, our industry faces a potentially difficult future. According to the Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) February 23, 2022 news release, one in five construction workers will retire in approximately five years. With a decline of 8% in the 25-54 age range of new workers, our industry today needs 650,000 workers in 2022 and an additional 590,000 new workers in 2023 to meet the demand.

What can we do? Shannon Construction and many other General Contractors relied on the expertise of our tradesmen and women. They decided to help bring attention to the numerous career opportunities provided by our Unions. Dean of College and Career Readiness Leyna Steffen, from Peters Township High School, also recognized an opportunity for both her students and the students across the North and South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Shannon at Construction trades apprenticeships trade show
Shawn Bulsak of Shannon Construction

Approximately 40 organizations welcomed high school students and parents from across the North and South Hills – and a few from the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, to the South Hills Trades and Tech Fair at Peters Township High School. Shannon Construction’s goal for the event was to share information, possibilities, and opportunities with a new generation of future tradesmen and women.

Shawn Bulsak, Shannon Superintendent, and Matt Miller, Shannon carpenters apprentice, regaled students and parents with their personal experiences from beginning their apprenticeships to problem-solving on project sites. Thank you, Shawn and Matt, for your dedication to your trade, Shannon Construction, and for growing the future of carpenters.